CPAM COVID-19: Arts Response Online Resources

The Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist is responding to the unique challenges of COVID-19 by deploying the arts in creative ways to support our staff, patients, and the community at large. In addition to patient support, we have identified the unique needs of healthcare workers at this time- both those that are ‘front line’ and those with supporting roles. The list of CPAM Applications Supporting Healthcare Employees and Patients below are examples of art activities CPAM is deploying to relieve stress and anxiety, offer hope and rejuvenation to support healthcare outcomes for employees, patients, and the Hospital community. Many of these activities will also prove supportive and effective for the community at large. Please feel free to share.

CPAM Applications Supporting Healthcare Employees and Patients:

Participatory Employee Arts Enrichment Digital Programs: Opportunities for staff to engage with the arts in a participatory, reflective fashion with the option to share completed arts experiences with fellow employees.
Photography Safari: A guided photography experience to reflect and capture your surroundings
10 Day Photography Challenge: Scheduled photography prompts for all to think creatively about their unique viewpoint
Employee Virtual Choir: Houston Methodist choir performing “Count on Me”
Creative Writing Prompt 1: Guided creative writing prompt reflecting on our changing experiences
Creative Writing Prompt 2: Guided creative writing prompt based on an Emily Dickinson poem
Creative Writing Prompt 3: Guided creative writing prompt based on sharing memories
Employee Photography Reflections Gallery: Online gallery of employee photography in response to photography prompts
Out and About Photography Challenge: Activity to take a walk and photograph an object in a new environment using the elements of composition accompanied by a video guide by CPAM Photography Instructor, Mark Chen.
Creativity Unleashed: An online gallery of employee creative expressions made during this time
Finding ICARE: A photography challenge to find the letters ICARE in their world

Passive Virtual Arts Interventions Supporting Employee Wellbeing: Programs that allow employees to reflect through the arts without requiring active creation.
Music Therapy Curated Playlists: Playlists focusing on goals like promoting relaxation, inspiring hope, and increasing productivity
Guided Meditations with Music: Led by Board Certified Music Therapists
Music and Visual Art for Relaxation: Visual art videos set to music by CPAM pianists intended to relax viewers and incorporate employee artwork

Selected Wellness podcasts from Departments of Music Therapy and Academic Development:
Name It To Take It
Sound Identification
Coping With Music

Hospital Arts in Health TV Channel 3: At Houston Methodist Hospital, this channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in patient and waiting rooms. At this time, the channel is being repurposed to provide a more specialized and peaceful, healing experience for our patients, especially when we are unable to provide live music broadcasts. The new content ranges from classical music to jazz to plein air painting. All of these videos will also be available on CPAM’s youtube page for all to enjoy.
The Ermelinda Jazz Trio (featuring Spanish and English songs)
A classical guitar recital by Jay Kacherski
CPAM pianist musical performance paired with employee photographs NEW Second video of employee photographs
A live painting video set to music transporting those watching to a peaceful outdoor natural environment where the artist, Karissa Laffey, from Artist Boat in Galveston, TX. NEW! Salt marsh live painting video added!
Art League Houston guides patients and employees in meditative mark making with this activity sheet.
Art League Houston provides a fun look at how food can be art and inspire creativity with this activity sheet and video.
Art League Houston Instructor, Moe Penders guides a radial strength mediation activity in this video and activity sheet.

Weekly Patient Tray Art Activities: Each week new arts activities themed to optimism, hope and refection are placed on patient’s food trays as an opportunity for patients to relax while focusing on an activity that allows for creative expression with supplies they have access to in their rooms. The following are examples of activities provided to patients.
Heart Treasure Map – A drawing activity to list a persons treasures in their life
Rise Up and Reflect Zine – A booklet making activity responding to inspiring music
Origami Heart and Hope Activity – An origami and drawing activity with lyric replacement
Self Compassion – An origami and coloring activity with lyric replacement
Hearts for Healthcare Workers – A drawing activity to show support for healthcare workers
Healing Art Guided Imagery – Personal responses to imagery from Healing Arts Exhibition
Helping Hands – Drawing activity in response to inspiring music
Saying Thank You – Thank you card activity with lyric replacement
Half and Half – Expressive drawing in response to imagery from Healing Arts Exhibition
Coloring sheets – Coloring art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Origami Envelope Letter – An origami, letter writing, and drawing activity
Drawing Your World – Drawing guide on how to draw any object you see
Mandala Meditative Drawing – How to draw a mandala
Unity Acrostic Activity – Words to describe what unity means
Family Crest and Anthem – Drawing activity for families with lyric replacement family anthem
Mask Design – Design your own mask using a template
Healing Arts Coloring Book – Coloring pages featuring photographs from employee artists
Thank You Acrostic Activity – Expressing thanks with an acrostic activity for Veteran’s Day
Positive Affirmations – Writing musical positive affirmations
The Art of Food – Drawing activity with guided video by Art League Houston
Coloring Cards and Well Wishes – Four different cards for patients Gingerbread, Snowflake, Nutcracker, and Holly
Holiday themed activities: Snowflake drawing, Ornament reflection activity, Crossword, and White Christmas Lyric replacement activty
Celebrate a Fresh Start: Guided listening and response with firework drawing

Direct Patient Care: In addition to the normal services that our Music Therapy Department provides throughout the hospital, new services in response to COVID-19 have been implemented in palliative care and the team is now providing telemedicine services to patients throughout the hospital system. For more information about CPAM’s Music Therapy Division please contact Jennifer Townsend, Manager:

Employee Onsite and Printable Art Activities: For our front line and support employees on campus, we have created a variety of music therapy inspired interventions offered in break rooms and at information and front desks throughout the hospital.
CPAM Wellness Brochure